Welcome to School Connections

The School Connection idea is simple; affordable and meaningful venues for many types of schools, and Educational Consultants to come together for informational and networking purposes, and ultimately to the successful placing of students into the most compatible environment.

Discover how School Connection Workshops are different

The School Connections workshops involve multiple individual meetings  between Educational Consultants and admissions representatives from schools and programs across the country. Our workshops range from 2-3 days and allow both schools and Educational Consultants to maximize their time with individual appointments in one workshop, in one setting.

Our Format

Each school will be assigned a table, much like a “fair format”, inside the meeting room. Educational Consultants will meet with each school or program by moving from table to table for the appointments. Each appointment will last for 25 minutes. You will have periodic breaks throughout each day.

Don't waste your time and money, fighting to be heard in a large fair where you may never have a chance to have a meaningful conversation. Our one-on-one appointments enable you to talk learn, and cultivate relationships.

That is the School Connections difference. Come see for yourself.